Wednesday, September 23, 2015


New Earth:


Log Line:
·         Pirates crash land on an alien planet in search of a vast treasure, only to find the planet is in its prehistoric phase.
·         Fantasy - Science Fiction - Action – Suspense

The Story

Alien World - Story is set on an alien planet during the planets prehistoric phase. Vast enviroments including ocean, forest, desert, and cave.

Call to Adventure - Crew crash lands on a planet that has a vast treasure on it. The treasure is enough to put everyone into retirement 10 times over.

Refusal of Call - Crew crash lands, killing all but the alcoholic captain, the first mate, and two deck hands. The mission seems impossible

Accepting the Call - They find something left by the last crew that can lead them to the treasure. Possibly a map on a memory unit.

Entering the Unknown - The four person pirate crew explores an alien planet with very few weapons and supplies, facing gigantic monsters.

Allies/Helpers- Possible monster ally at mid point in the story. A golem of some sort.

Tests (rising action) -  A monster in the ocean where they crash land, a monster in the forest that they must face, reanimated bodies of the remains of another piece of the crew from a crashed escape pod, Final big battle at the end with undetermined adversary that is coupled by a full mutiny against the captain.

Climax- Captain sacrifices himself for his mutinous crew, saying that he'd rather die as a pirate on the planet than live a traitor in space.

Reward- Crew grabbed a chest that was full of useless materials, the real portion of the treasure that they were after is left down on the planet with the captain, who survives.


·         Captain
·         Bellamy (First Mate)
·         Ship hand 1
·         Ship hand 2
·         Friendly monster

Protagonist Details:
·         The Captain is an alcoholic no nonsense pirate captain who uses alcoholism as a vice to deal with the long past death of his wife and the empty void of space. His pride is enough to get him killed.

·         Captain - 50's
·         Bellamy - Late 30's early 40's
·         Ship hands - 18 to 30
·         Monster - ?

·         Male
·         Ship hands possible female/male

Personality of the Captain:
·         Strict
·         Angry
·         Soft spots
·         Alcoholic
·         Acts in interest of the crew
·         keen
·         Sarcastic
·         sly
·         rebellious
·         Powerful

·         Remains true to his word
·         Does not tolerate any form of challenge from his crew
·         Strongly dislikes being manipulated
·         Hates being forced to obey
·         Values honor above all else

  • The crew
  • The planet
  • The monsters
Antagonist(s) details:
  • The crew are friends of the captain until the end when they turn on him to claim the treasure for themselves.
  • The plant is an unknown and hostile environment, that has many dangers on it both living and environmental. 
  • The monsters come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from behemoths in the ocean to small befriend-able creatures that are much like dogs in the way they act.